How I work.

It’s not how good you are at a single software.
It’s how quickly you adapt to the latest in this digital age, cause what’s going to stay with you for the rest of your life are your taste and knowledge. 

The Drawing Board

The sketchbook it's a way of getting my thoughts written dirty on a paper. I sketched, I planned, took notes and I even did math on it. While sometimes I would use Keynote to join the dots when I’m planning the initiate flow or architect of the software. Post-its come into play when collaborating with colleagues in the early stage. Using methodology I picked up while doing a week long labs with Hyper Island in Singapore.


Prototyping in Experience and Interaction

For the past years, I have done little prototypes that were just papers, wireframes or post-its. It will only happen if the project is large or doesn’t have any existing UI. There were times, I would use Keynote, google some images, draw a few shapes, use magic move transition and put them together. Allowing stakeholders or clients to visualise the possibility that doesn’t take too much of my time. Well, most of the time, I'm making high fidelity animation video using After Effects for pitch and high fidelity version screen flows in InVision for testing just before it was put into development. Lastly, Pixate is like a toy to me; if I have ample time for the project, I would cook up some ideas with it and challenge developers.

Drawing, Moving and Building

I hate half pixels.
I use Sketch for interface design.
I use Photoshop for digital imaging.
I use Illustrator to draw icons and illustrations.
I create animation with Edge, Flash and After Effects.
I build standard Wordpress websites using highly customisable theme like Jupiter & Semplice (Like this portfolio).


Crash and Burn

I like to break stuff, especially with mobile apps. I will try non-conventional way to trigger actions or access certain page. It’s like trying to find flaws from a magician act. Since the day folders was implemented into iOS, I have found this problem and it has never been fixed (See above image).



Note it. Chat it. Push it. Pull it. Check it. Sync it. Task, Assign it. Productivity Apps? I have used lots of them. From collaboration to individual usage. Like Evernote, Wunderlist, Confluence, Basecamp, Slack, Hipchat, JIRA, BitBucket etcetera etcetera. I will be quick to pick up any new apps if they are good.

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What's Dribbbling?

Right here is a quick look on what I have been working on lately, both during work and leisure time. Instead of spending time polishing my well deserved projects into Behance. 


Once upon a time...

At about age 14 (yr 2000), I was fascinated with the internet and still is. I created my first MMORPG game community website for Singapore Dark Ages call BIGOUT under alias Outsider. Created some flashy animation using the game graphics along the way.

When I went ITE to pursue Nitec in Multimedia Technology, I quickly fall in love with video editing while in the "Core Group” that helps the school to create most of the video contents and external client projects.

Well, I found myself handling electronics at various parts of my teenage years. I grew fond of them, but sadly it was neglected over the years.

After graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic with Diploma in Digital Media Design and serving my military service in the Singapore Air Force, I had a hard time looking for a design job. Many agency turned me down due to the lack of design projects in my portfolio and a few offered me a position as a Flash Developer during the interview. The reason was that I have been messing around with animation and code in Flash more than I did with Photoshop and Illustrator. It was until I got my first design job, I have been focusing on design and technology.