He has a strange love for keyboards.


Drop + Glimy DSA 2077 Keycap Set


Took part in a contest by Drop.com in 2017, got voted as the winning piece by the community, and ultimately saw the product come to life. Manufactured by Signature Plastics from Doubleshot ABS material, the Drop + Glimy DSA 2077 Custom Keycap Set showcases the same sci-fi-inspired designs, bright colors, and DSA profile as the original. But, of course, there's a question everyone will ask, aannnnndd no, the year was not inspired by Cyberpunk 2077.

Here are the community who bought the set <3



Artisan Keycap


Starting this journey of making artisan keycaps. Currently exploring polymer clay at the moment. Follow #glimyclaykeycap on IG.



2077 iOS Themeboard

UI Designer

Before there was DSA 2077, there was a 2077 theme for the Themeboard app by Taphive. It's an iOS custom keyboard app that allows designers to submit custom theme design keyboards for the app. Thus, skipping the hassle of developing a keyboard app from scratch.



Keykulator iOS Keyboard

UI Designer

Co-design and develop with Zoon when Apple released iOS 8, allowing developers to create custom iPhone keyboards. I always wanted a way to calculate numbers without switching to the calculator app. But sadly, Apple rejected it as it did not comply with its guidelines.

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